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5 Best Sexual Positions for Men That Can Increase Pleasure and Satisfaction

It’s quite natural to have attraction between opposite sex. The true pleasure comes when both the partners are indulged in the love-making act. Best sexual positions for men light up rejoice in order to increase pleasure and satisfaction to them as well as their partners. Equal participation and excitement ensures maximum joy during coitus. Men find peace and comfort when they share with their mates. The body demands it because it is in instinct. All the worries and problems vanish once you do copulation.

At once, the urge does not arise. You need emotional flushing that persuades you for the deed. Some of the starters are necessary to make you warm. These are initiated either by your partner or yourself. Proper exposure and eye contact is the milestone for the rocking performance in bedroom. Men want to conquer their women. All they want is to just thrust theirs into hers. To enjoy at the peak, know about best sexual positions for men.

Best Sexual Positions for Men

According to some experts there are some special, cream-of-the-crop positions that serve to have more pleasure during act of coitus.

1. In the Crisscross position, men can enjoy a prolonged and slow sex to build arousal. This allows the nerve endings on the head of your organ to stimulate. Both partners should sit on bed facing each other. Lift your right leg over her left and then she lifts her right over your left. Come close to enter and then lie back forming X with your legs.

2. Inverted 69, over and under position gives men and their mates simultaneous oral pleasure. You get tremendous pleasure and satisfaction while in this position. She is over you and can control the intensity of oral stimulation by moving up and down. She can stimulate you on the perineum and the most sensitive area below the balls. Man can also be on top. It is one of the best sexual positions for men.

3. Let the female lie down comfortably and rest the pillow behind her head. Then straddle her shoulders. Assume a hovering dragonfly position; support yourself by holding the wall or headboard of bed. This action is highly erotic and sensual for you. This position will make them go wild.

4. Both of the better-halves lie down on the sides facing each other. Ask her to bend and spread her legs to bring her reproductive canal in angle towards you. Just lift your legs and enter firmly in her canal between her legs. Meanwhile she wraps her legs around your waist. You can easily give strokes and enjoy your best. Start with slow thrusts and then slowly raise the pace. You will have a great feeling of intimacy in this position called The Horny Mantis.

5. One of the most favourite positions for guys is The Riding Horse. This is also one of the best sexual positions for men. They love to see her on the top and play the active part during the coitus. Males can lean back and the female is on him. She adjusts her position in the way as to ride her man. She rests her perineum in the position in which she can easily move up and down and allow deeper penetration. As her clitoris rubs against man, the canal dilates more and penetration becomes easier.

If you want to improve the performance during love-making then go for Kamdeepak capsules. The question is why you should choose it. These are purely herbal products made to cure low libido in men that not only increase the stamina but also provide you satisfaction at the end of the foreplay. Your organ gets straightened and hard, sperm count is increased, hormonal imbalances are corrected, and correct your debilities. Cutting the long story short it has numerous benefits. You only need to take them regularly and the benefits will be yours!

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