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4 Amazing Sex Tips for Longer Lasting Orgasms for Men

Men who want to perform effectively in the bedroom must be able to use effective techniques during the lovemaking process. Since lovemaking is a partnership it can be successful only if both the partners get pleasure and enjoyment. The male partner must be able to provide maximum pleasure to his female partner so that she will be fully involved in the process and will be interested to have more of it. The performance of the male partner is very important for the success of the intercourse. The best sex tips for longer lasting orgasms for men will enable them to hold for longer time, thereby enabling the women to reach orgasm.

During the process of lovemaking the female partner expects many things from the male partner. When she gets everything that she wanted, she will be satisfied and will involve in the activity with added enthusiasm. This will make the lovemaking the most thrilling experience for both the partners and both of them will be able to reach orgasms simultaneously. The male can follow these amazing sex tips that are explained below so as to have the most exciting as well as a successful intimate moments with his female partner.

Sex Tips for Longer Lasting Orgasms for Men

1. Breathing tips: While talking about the amazing sex tips for men, one cannot miss the breathing tips. Those who have the problem of early ejaculation should breathe slowly. When one gets excited and his breathing quickens, he has to make his breathing slow and shallow. One can take a normal breath. But, when there is excitement, he must make controlled breath with normal breathing once in a while. When one is holding the breath, he must distract his mind away from the pleasure on his genital organ. He can focus on other pleasure areas such as the tummy, shoulders or chest muscles. This is the best way to prolong ejaculation.

2. Squeeze the organ: Among the various sex tips for longer lasting orgasms for men, squeezing the genital organ of the male at intervals just below the bell end is one among the most effective methods. The squeezing can prevent the outflow when it is not required. The squeezing can be done either by the male or by the female and gradually one will be able to control himself without squeezing. Alternatively, he can wear a condom so as to reduce the sensitivity and consequently prolong the climax.

3. Exercising the pelvic muscles: Those who are able to hold for longer time must train their body for intense orgasm. When ejaculation is delayed, more tension will build up and the sensation will spread all over the body. One should give exercise to the pelvic muscles at the base of the penis. The workout consists of squeezing the muscles in and out 25 – 50 times, twice a day.

4. Apply ice: An ice cube is wrapped in a cloth and applied to the testicles prior to the sexual activity. This will help to prolong the orgasm.

Those who make use of these tips for longer lasting orgasms will be able to prolong the lovemaking activity. When both the partners are able to reach orgasm simultaneously, they have the most exciting lovemaking session. Those who follow these tips gradually attain the ability to hold for longer time and thereby make the activity the maximum enjoyment for both the partners. The man should not lack in libido and stamina in order to be strong and effective during his sexual activities with his partner. Many of them suffer due to low libido, impotency and erectile dysfunction. Bluze capsule is the best sex enhancer pills for men. It contains a variety of herbal ingredients that are highly effective in boosting up male libido and improving the quality of an erection. It will not lead to any side effect. Men who have various problems with their reproductive organs can rely on Bluze capsules for a permanent solution to their problems.

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