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Bad Effects Of Over Masturbation and 21 Ways to Recover From These

It’s natural to have feeling to be with someone physically. Physical relations are of supreme importance to pass a healthy and successful life. Every religion has its own rules and rituals. One may or may not follow that.

Masturbation ought to be done no more than 2-3 times a week till marriage. More than 2-3 times a week lies in category of over-masturbation. Over masturbation has devastating effects on health. Pleasure is just time being, end results are quite distressing. Youngsters are mostly involved in this noxious habit because their friends misguide them that it helps in having longer organ. It is not so. It makes you weak and you lose your vitality. There are numerous bad effects of over masturbation. Some of them are the following:

Bad Effects of Over Masturbation

1. Anxiety and Depression: Over masturbation makes you feel depressed and down. At the time of climax you enjoy well but afterwards your mood is so low. At the time of making love you become anxious too doubting your abilities.

2. Drop in Energy: This hand practice gives you immense pleasure and rejoices at that time. But all the energy and vitality is actually wasted.

3. Tiredness: After practicing there is the phase of extreme lethargy and tiredness. Even next day you find yourself weak and lethargic.

4. Backache: You get severe backache after you do excessive hand practice. Actually your energy level drops to minimum during this and thus you suffer from backache.

5. Pain in Scrotum: Excess of self-pleasing activity leads you with severe pain in your testis. It feels like you lost all you had.

6. Pain in lower limb: Legs, thighs and lower abdominal muscles are strained. This pain persists there throughout.

7. Weakness: Intense weakness grips over the man. It is the cruel fact that you lose your vitality, power and vigor. Weakness is the darker scene of pleasing oneself own.

8. Erectile dysfunction: The erection fails to occur as the blood flow and signal transmission is not regulated properly.

9. Penis shrinkage: Tissue of the organ is deprived of nutrients due to generalized weakness of body. Inadequate blood flow causes penis to shrink.

10. Premature ejaculation: The hormones like testosterone, dopamine, etc. are depleted due to over hand practice leading to weak erection and pre-mature ejaculation.

11. Insomnia: Melatonin is a hormone that induces sleep. Man who over masturbate get themselves depleted with this neurochemical.

12. Prostatitis: It means inflammation of prostate. In this condition prostate is enlarged, urine flow is impeded and disability of erection occurs. Masturbation elevates DHT and excess of DHT causes prostatitis.

13. Hair loss: Hormonal imbalance due to excessive masturbation causes hair loss.

14. Loss of vision: Excessive masturbation intensifies the deficiencies of neurotransmitters like nitric oxide, acetylcholine, etc. Their deficiency causes blurred vision or even blindness in later stages.

15. Nightfall: It is very common in people who are spoiling themselves with this mal-deed.

16. Low-libido: The desire for sex is vanished at last. People lose the sense of pleasure with their partners in the beds.

17. Constipation: Over masturbation results in low gut motility and sluggish reflexes. This leads to constipation and it remains there.

18. Decreased appetite: Man finds no taste and temptation for food. Appetite is lost.

19. Graying of hair: Hairs lose their color very soon.

20. Cheeky face: You get a cheeky face soon.

21. Concentration loss: People find no interest in day life activities. They are not focused at all.

Mast Mood Oil and Booster Capsules

If you want to quit it then there are ways to recover from bad effects of over masturbation. Mast Mood oil is an Ayurvedic treatment for your problem. Applying this oil over the intimate organ avoiding glans and scrotum relieves the symptoms of over masturbation. Apply 8-10 drops of oil twice a day for at least 3-4 months. You will feel the difference. Booster capsules also amend the effects of mal-practice. These are naturally formulated products that make sure that the person gets relief from over hand practicing and enhances sexual stamina and libido in himself as well.

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