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More Ways to Have Fun: 5 Best Male Pleasure Positions

Sexual intercourse is one of the most fun activities that can be had between two people, especially those deeply in love. Like everything else, however, even sex can get boring if done in a specific way over and over again.

Fortunately, this is one of the easiest problems to solve. There exist a wide array of interesting and unique sexual positions that can easily bring more excitement to the bedroom and make lovemaking activities even more enjoyable for you and your partner than ever before. Here are 5 of the best male pleasure positions to be tried.

Best Male Pleasure Positions

1. Cowgirl: This energetic and fun position mainly involves the woman doing most of the work but is still plenty of work for both. Simply lie down on your back and have your partner move up and down on your genitals. This position involves maximum penetration, which means maximum amounts of pleasure for both you and your partner, making this one of the best lovemaking positions around.

2. Inverted Rear: Thrusting becomes simple with this position. Like the cowgirl you must be lying on your back with her back facing you and her legs spread. Moving around won’t be easy, so again your partner will be doing most of the work. Penetration won’t be an issue, though, and with your combined effort this is easily and one of the best male pleasure positions anybody can partake in.

3. Around the Bend: This is another good position for added thrusting power. As the name implies, this male pleasure position involves you bending your partner over a piece of furniture. Make sure your partner’s legs are spread before engaging in activities. For added intimacy, lean forward until your chin touches her back.

4. Doggy Style: Simple and enjoyable, this is one of the most popular and one of the best sex positions ever used. While it requires no further introduction, instructions are still in order. Simply get down on your knees and have your partner follow suit. Spread her legs enough to facilitate penetration. If intimacy is a concern between you and your partner, try a little hair pulling and dirty talk.

5. Lotus: This position, like the cowgirl, involves the woman doing most of the work, which leaves you to do nothing but enjoy this best male pleasure position. To get into this position, sit cross-legged on the bed or on the floor if you’re looking for extra balance. Next, have your partner wrap her legs around your waist and straddle you in that position; from there, have her move up and down. It won’t be comfortable at the beginning but the ensuing activities will leave you and your partner breathless and wanting another go.

Bluze Capsules and Overnight Oil

These positions are some of the best and most exciting around and are sure to spice things up in the bedroom, but no intercourse is complete without an extra, natural boost. That’s where Bluze capsules and Overnight oil come in. These all-natural and herbal-based sex enhancer supplements for male pleasure improve endurance needed for enjoyable intercourse and energize men for those long and sweaty sessions.

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