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5 Best Penis Massage Techniques

Ultimate wish of every man is to be sexually fit. All men want to have longer and harder organ of reproduction. Their self-esteem and confidence is highly raised if they perform best during copulation.There are numerous best penis massage techniques which help your organ to get length and hardness.

Massaging your reproductive organs does not mean masturbation. It aims to provide you the best size and volume of the genitals naturally. Massaging your organs stimulate the nerves and vessels which in turn make your penis well-nourished and harder. Use lubricants like Mast Mood oil for the massage. This oil penetrates the skin of the male reproductive organ and affects its nerves and vessels. This action promotes blood flow and establishes communication between brain and reproductive organs. Signal transmission thus leads to penile erection at its best and a man enjoys in the bed with partner to the fullest.

Best Penis Massage Techniques

Best Penis Massage Techniques to Improve Sexual Performance

1. Simply stretching your penis has produced best results. Use Mast Mood oil over the organ. Massage gently the whole shaft of the penis. Holding the tip fully and stretch the shaft downwards. Maintain the position where it is of full length and keep it in this position for 30 seconds. Carefully massage the base, shaft and the junction of shaft and head. Do it regularly for 15-20 minutes daily.

2. Gently massage your lower shaft and sides of the base with Mast Mood oil. As these areas are hidden and have the bundle of virgin nerves are erotic when stimulated. You can achieve the orgasm very quickly by discovering these areas. A man can be aroused easily. This is one of the best massage techniques for great sexual performance.

3. Apply the Mast Mood oil and massage the penis from bottom to the head by stroking it all the way. Strokes should be steady and powerful. Grasp your organ firmly and give strokes evenly up and down. If needed apply pressure with the thumb on the shaft. The varying degree of pressure is sometimes necessary.

4. Exploring the hidden areas is the best massage technique for arousal. One-third of the penis is hidden in the scrotum and under the skin. There is the plexus of nerves also. Lubricate the area with Mast Mood oil and massage gently. Reach with your hands under the balls and feel for the base of the shaft. Lubricate the exposed area with oil and massage it thoroughly. It is highly sensual and erotic one. Men go wild when massaged over it. Another area which is very erotic is the sides of the male organ at the junction of thighs and base of penis. There is nerve bundle causes arousal of man. The anal region and perineal area are very sensitive. When you massage over these areas gently your sensations touch the peak. This technique makes you able to perform best during coitus.

5. You can massage your organ by applying Mast Mood oil and taking it higher. Cup your hand over the penis and scrotum and rest for a moment. It can serve as a tool to learning and ejaculatory mastery.

All these methods serve as best penis massage techniques to increase blood flow and are quite helpful.

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