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5 Best Positions and Solutions for Men with Small Penis

One of the biggest problems faced by men during intimate encounters is that of penis size; many men have dreaded engaging in intercourse with their partners out of fear of being ridiculed or not satisfying their partner.

They need not worry though as there exist fun and exciting sexual positions and solutions for men with small penis that prove that for enjoying intimate encounters with your partner, size doesn’t really matter.

Sexual Positions for Men with Small Penis

1. Doggie: This is one of the most popular and best positions and solutions for men with small penis. To get into this posture, simply place the partner on her knees with her bottom raised to the air and her head on the pillow. To maximize effectiveness, draw the partner’s thighs together and arch her back. Due to its simplicity it’s no wonder that this is one of the most popular love making positions.

2. Antelope: It is very similar to the doggie, but the main difference between the two is the positioning of the legs. In this case, both partners are on the floor and the woman is leaning on a piece of furniture with her legs spread open so as to allow her self-stimulation, spanking, etc. The extra action involved makes this one of the best sexual positions and solutions for men with small penis.

3. Snake: This is one of the most interesting sexual positions for small penis men. For this posture, the woman must be lying on her belly with closed legs and arched back (support can be used for this). Straddle her hips while remaining upright on your knees and slowly spread her thighs to allow for penetration. For safety, make sure to keep most of your body weight off of her during intercourse and keep yourself supported against something sturdy.

4. Rabbit Ears: It involves the woman lying down on her back. While she is on her back, spread her legs and bring them up towards you until her knees are close to her ears. To keep the legs held in this position use your arms to keep her legs still, with each arm in the crook of each knee while the hands remain on the bed. To ensure proper penetration, place a pillow below her back. While intimidating at first, this is easily on the most popular and best positions for men with small penis.

5. V-Formation: This position is simple in its execution and is enjoyable all the same. Spread the woman’s legs while she is flat on her back and raise her legs so that each one is graspable from the ankles, or place them on your shoulders. In doing this her lower half will be slightly elevated and your palms should be placed firmly against a wall or board for support.

Supplements to Further Improve the Experience

The positions described above are great for bringing extra spice and flair to the bedroom, but for that additional boost it is best to take Mast Mood oil and Booster capsule for more male sexual stamina and endurance. These all-natural herbal supplements are some of the best in providing energy and vigor for intimate experiences, regardless of penis size.

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