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5 Best Sex Positions for G-spot Stimulation

During lovemaking, if the male partner is able to stimulate the G–spot of the woman, she can reach orgasm quickly, thereby making the intercourse the most exciting for both.

Many women require stimulation of their G-spot in order to reach orgasm. The men who know the best sex positions for G-spot stimulation can have a really thrilling sex life. The G-spot is located half an inch inside the genital passage of woman and is inside the front wall. This area is different from the rest of the genital passage and it reacts to pressure. The intensity of G-spot orgasm depends on the level of estrogen hormone in women.

Knowledge about the G-spot stimulation positions can indeed make the love life much more exciting. By knowing these positions both the partners can enjoy a lot of fun. However, it is advisable that they discuss and ensure safety prior to each attempt. It is adventurous also to try the various positions. The male partner should ensure that he is not hurting his female partner during the activities.

1. Spooning: This is one of the best sex positions for G-spot stimulation and is very simple as well. In this method both the partners may lie on their sides with the man behind the woman. The man has to enter from behind after holding her leg up. In this position the head of his penis will be in perfect alignment with the spot so that he can make her to reach the peak quickly.

2. Woman upon the pillow: Among many stimulation positions of the G-spot, this is the easiest one. The woman has to keep a pair of pillows under her and her legs must be held up in the air. The male may penetrate slowly and her feet may be kept flat on his chest. When the pillows help to change the angle of penetration the male organ gets aligned with the spot for every thrust.

3. Woman on top: The woman gets complete control of the angle of penetration as well as the depth when she is above the man during the activity. The best way to provide her G-spot stimulation directly is to make her lean slightly backwards and allow her to keep her knees on the bed. This position enables the head of the penis to penetrate directly into the G-spot.

4. Reverse position: This is a different position for penetration, but by keeping the woman above the man. Both the partners have to put their knees together and the woman may straddle the male genital organ. She may be allowed to rock back and forth. The G-spot is stimulated directly when the head of the male organ penetrates into it.

5. Pair of tongs: This is one of the most adventurous positions and is highly exciting as well. The female has to lie on her side at the edge of the bed. She may support herself with her left arm and only her calves, ankles and feet are on the bed. The man may stand aside her left leg, hold her right leg and enter from the back. While thrusting he should hold her up. This is the best method for the partners who are highly energetic as well as adventurous.

How to tackle male impotency?

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