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How to Give a Vaginal Orgasm to Your Woman?

The big “O”

What is the secret behind big “O” that every woman dreams of having during sex play? Most of them fake it and if you master the art of giving your lady the perfect orgasm or the big “O” as it is known in the sexual parlance then you will truly be the king of your boudoir. This article will reveal the technique of how to give a vaginal orgasm to your woman and have a fantastic love life.

The “G” spot

To give a vaginal orgasm to your woman you need to hit her “G” spot. This is the most sensitive part of a woman’s genital passageĀ and very often most men miss it. But certain sexual positions described here will ensure that you will have your cards in the right place.

Give a Vaginal Orgasm to Your Woman

1. Woman in control: Allow the woman to be on top of you so that it allows deep penetration. Keep yourself tightly entwined with your female partner so that there is maximum thrust. The woman will also enjoy this position as she is in control and gives her a fantasy of riding a horse. Keep moving back and forth and very soon the woman will orgasm.

2. The arch: Another popular position to give a vaginal orgasm to your woman is to allow her to be on the top and arch her back and raise her pelvis. This will position your penis directly on to her “G” spot and it is ensured that she is instantly stimulated and watches her come.

3. The doggie style: Place the woman on all fours and penetrate her from behind. One of most popular positions to give a vaginal orgasm to your women does not fail. You can make deep thrusts which will hit her vagina wall and continued thrusts will make way for an awesome “O”. You can also cup her breasts with your hand and squeeze it gently for added sensual pleasure.

4. The flick: If you think that you need to penetrate her to give a vaginal orgasm to your woman think again. Your tongue can be a powerful stimulant that can have her gasping for breath. Roll your tongue and flick it gently over and over again on her genitals and your woman will climax in frenzy.

It is also important to bear in mind that you need to be in the peak of your performance and maintain your stamina and vitality to retain your spot with your partner. You also need to know that the woman needs to be pleasured first-for that to be the highlight time and again, it is important to improve your performance. This can be affected by your daily activities like a stressful job, or unhealthy eating habits that gradually ebbs away your performance. To beat your performance anxiety it is recommended to opt for the best herbal supplement that is available in the market today.

Bluze Capsules

The name to reckon with is Bluze capsules that is herbal and is guaranteed to give the upper thrust to your daily performance needs. This herbal erection pill to give vaginal orgasm is 100% safe and has no side effects. A perfectly balanced supplement that supplies and replenishes the right nutrients to your body and maintain your vitality at all times.

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