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How to Make a Woman Moan with Pleasure during Sex?

When a man is able to provide the maximum amount of pleasure to his female partner during lovemaking, he can make her moan during the activity. As a way to express her excitement while making love, the women moan. In this way, the woman communicates to her partner that she feels good and is enjoying. When they do this during the session, it will have an impact on both the partners. When the female expresses her pleasure by such a sound, her voice will energize the male and keeps him awake. Moaning by the female during sex is the appreciation of the skill of the male to satisfy her. Hence the man who knows how to make a woman moan during sex is assured of success in the bedroom.

The male partner who can make a woman moan with pleasure during sex can reaffirm the involvement of his partner and also make the lovemaking more active as well as exciting. The male can make various types of moves in the bedroom that can make her to express her pleasure through a small sound.

Make a Woman Moan with Pleasure during Sex

1. Stimulation: There are various parts of the body of a woman through which she gets pleasure when stimulated. Those who want to make a woman moan with pleasure during sex may play with her nipples as a result of which she gets overwhelmed with pleasure. Stimulating the nipples is the easiest way to provide pleasure to the woman.

2. Give a nibble: When a woman is aroused during the lovemaking act her pain threshold is also increased considerably. Biting by the male partner will not only arouse her, but also facilitates increased blood flow to her genital area. This enables her to have quick as well as strong orgasm. The man who knows how to make a woman moan during sex will not fail to provide her a nibble when she is already aroused so as to make her sigh as well as involve more vigorously in the activity.

3. Doggie style: When the man flips the woman around, his orgasm will be with more intensity and the tissues under the head of his penis are simulated more. In that situation he will be able to hit her G-spot as a result of which she gets stimulated and reaches orgasm very fast.

4. Apply lubricant: Man should not prevent the woman from applying lubricants during lovemaking. Women get more pleasure with the application of lubricant. With less friction it is easier for the female to reach orgasm. Lubricant can be applied to the genitals of both man and woman.

5. Give more kisses: Kissing will arouse both the partners. The level of cortisol, the stress hormone is reduced as a result of kissing. When kissed by the man the woman has the feeling of being cared by the man and enables her to reach orgasm quickly.

The proper lovemaking makes the couple to love more each other and the process helps to establish a strong bondage between the two partners. In addition to making the love life of both partners happier and more exciting, it helps them to improve their health as well. If the man knows how to make a woman moan during sex, he will be successful in making love the most exciting for both the partners. The woman expects certain things from the man during the act of lovemaking and when she gets the same she sighs. Hence, the man who can make a woman moan with pleasure during sex is able to provide her what she craves for and the couple will have an enhanced love life.

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