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Does Consuming Alcohol Affects Libido In Males? How Can I Quit This To Increase Sex Drive?

I am an alcoholic person. I am so addicted to it. But now I feel that because of this I am lacking my sexual desire. I do not perform well during intercourse and also my ejaculation is very low. Do drinking alcohol affects libido? Suggest me with some supplements.

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1 Answer

Alcohol is the depressant which can give you a temporary happiness by making you forget your hardships, but can’t offer you the happy climax. Well it’s true that alcohol affects libido in males. Consumption of this chemical substance beyond a limit always brings worse to the body. As you know that, these depressants decrease the metabolism as well as lead to the poor liver issues. All these are worse conditions in themselves. To add more to this, alcohol can make you completely out of your mind and this can increase when you are in a sexual contact with the person. The various types of harm that it can cause are:

1. Drinking liquor on daily basis can reduce your testosterone secretion which might affect your ability in bed.

2. It can lead to various erectile dysfunction and thus decrease your penile size.

3. It can also be the reason behind your early ejaculation.

4. The worse effect that alcohol puts on male body is lowering his sperm count. This will ultimately decrease your ability to fertile a woman’s egg.

5. It can make you impotent by decreasing your sexual desire and ability to perform on bed.

All these effects can be normalized by taking Kamdeepak capsules. These are the most potent herbal supplements that help in increasing the male libido. These will help you in overcoming your addiction and at the same time will boost up your sex drive to make you enjoy the intercourse session. Well you need to completely stop taking the chemical substances in order to get positive benefits of the products. Liquor intake and these herbal supplements will not go hand in hand. If you really want to get back your libido then you need to control craving towards these depressants. You can also use Overnight oil along with this to massage your organ in order to avoid ED. Regular massaging will provide better growth and health to the penile tissues and will provide you with the harder and stronger erection.

Kindly visit the link for more results: http://www.libidoenhancerpills.com/libido-enhancement-pills-for-men.htm

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