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How Will I Cure the Ill Effects of Excessive Masturbation?

I am a middle aged person who is currently experiencing poor memory, concentration, depression, brain fog, premature ejaculation, fatigue and lethargy. I also feel extremely tired after a good night sleep. My testicles ache after sex or hand practice. All this is because of over hand job during my young age. How should I cure the ill effects of excessive masturbation?

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1 Answer

You are facing troubles due to over doing hand practice. Continuous hand job makes the reproductive organ weak and so the person experiences physical, mental and sexual inactiveness. Natural treatment is the only solution that will help to cure the ill effects of excessive masturbation.

NF Cure capsules and Shilajit capsules will help you to achieve this. Regular intake of these herbal supplements for at least 3 to 4 months will eradicate the entire problem and will provide you full power and stamina at home and workplace as well.

These capsules contain natural plant-based ingredients that have loads of nourishing properties. These make a perfect blend of balanced herbs to fulfill every nutritional deficiency of the body. Regular usage of these strong doses improves the blood circulation tremendously and so the oxygen and nutrient carrying capacity of the blood is elevated. Every bodily organ gets its required nourishment and so the person feels activated all the time.

The person is then able to get recovery from all of his mental incapability such as poor memory, concentration, depression, brain fog, etc. He is energized at a great extent and his bedtime activities are improved as well.

You just need to take these pills in a disciplined manner. Eat a nutritious diet containing green leafy vegetables, fruits, milk, fresh juices, and water in plenty amount. Regular exercise also helps very much in achieving outcomes in a quick manner. Stop doing masturbation completely to support the treatment.

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