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What Are The Shilajit ES Capsules Dietary Restrictions While Taking These Supplements?

I have just ordered Shilajit ES capsules to boost my energy levels and stamina. What are the Shilajit capsules dietary restrictions so that my overall health and lifestyle do not get affected while taking these supplements?

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1 Answer

While taking Shilajit ES capsules, one needs to take a balanced diet that contains high protein, vitamins, fiber, iron, calcium, etc. in their most pure and organic form. Taking their supplements is a poor choice. So, the dietary restrictions while taking shilajit ES capsules include fruits, fruit juices, nuts, green leafy vegetables, berries, beans, etc. Eggs and the non-vegetarian items need to be consumed in limits. It is also important to drink plenty amount of water and other citrus fruit juices.

Avoid oily, deep fried, tinned, canned, refined and processed foods which contain much amount of sugar and salts. Such kinds of foods are pasta, bread, rice, chips, burgers, pizzas, etc.

Prefer boiled, baked and grilled food cooked using very small amount of healthy oil (e.g. extra virgin olive oil), instead of fried or deep fried ones, so that the body does not get unnecessarily high and complex fats and carbohydrates.

Other habits such as consuming tobacco, alcohol, and smoking are enemies of Shilajit. So, it is best to cut them down completely to get the maximum benefits from Shilajit. If you are highly addicted to these items, then reduce their amount week by week and then eliminate them completely as these are the key culprits that degraded your body very much.

Above mentioned advices need to be followed along with taking Shilajit ES capsules so as to get the excellent and even more quick results. Though, Shilajit works for those people also who are somehow not able to manage to prepare proper diet plan for themselves, but limiting the intake of tobacco, alcohol, etc. is a must.

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