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Does Testicular Cancer Cause Infertility? Can I Increase My Sperm Count After Treatment?

I am a 23 years old man. I have cancer in my testicles. But I have cured these 6 months ago. Now I am worried about my fertility as I have heard that testicular cancer cause infertility. Is this true? Will I not be able to have children? Suggest me with some cure.

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1 Answer

Testicular cancer is the disease in which tissues in the male testes become cancerous. Testes are the part of the male reproductive system which is responsible for the production of the testosterone. These are mainly located at the scrotum a pouch like organ below the male penis. Well this cancer attacks mainly between the ages of 18 to 40. This is a curable cancer and can be removed from the male body.

But this cancer also comes with the negative aspects. Testicular cancer will actually decrease the secretion of testosterone due to which there might be certain changes in the body. Yes, it is true that its treatment can make you infertile. But it’s not the case for all. It mainly depends upon the severity of cancer and the type of treatment taken. As you have not mentioned any such information we are not be able to serve you with the exact answer. But as per our knowledge we would try to clear your doubts.

If you have removed your one testis, keeping the other one healthy, then there might be the possibility that you can achieve fatherhood. If both the testes are removed then this can be the condition of permanent infertility. Well exceptions are always there and you may be the one among them. So be positive on your part. This cancer will not lose your desire and thus you can enjoy the lovemaking at its optimum level also.

As a herbal supplement we would suggest you with the Spermac capsules. These are the natural potent supplement which can help you in producing healthy sperm count. These will also increase your testosterone secretion and will nourish your body parts. These will not cast any side effects and you can have them without any doubts in mind.

Kindly visit the link for more details: http://www.libidoenhancerpills.com/herbal-semen-volume-enhancer-pills.htm

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