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Why Am I Facing Early Ejaculation During Sex? Is There Any Natural Way To Cure This?

I am a 30 years old man. I recently got married. I was engaged in sexual practice for the first time after my marriage and experienced the early ejaculation. I was not engaged in any hand practicing. Why I am facing this situation? Is there any natural way to cure early ejaculation?

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1 Answer

Your problem of early ejaculation during sex is quite common among males. This ejaculation is often a reason for the distressed intercourse. As you have mentioned that it was for the first time you started indulging in lovemaking so it might be the reason for this. Often it is said that masturbating is quite good for having a better lovemaking experience. But you have also deprived of this feeling of stimulating yourself, so it can be the second reason for this. Well it’s perfectly fine and there is no sin if you have not practiced all this until now. But from now you need to be more cautious about your sexual traits to act good in bed and also to provide pleasure to your mate. Well there are some small things to remember while going for the copulation.

1. Do not be anxious about the problem. If you keep thinking that you are ejaculating early and you not performing good on bed then your anxiety will rise to a large level. These will often leave you with the unsatisfied situation.

2. Try to practice meditation before going to bed. It’s the best solution to control your stress levels. The increased stress will always give you a poor lovemaking experience.

3. Eat healthy in order to maintain the healthy mechanism in the body. A regular exercise or a daily walk will be an added supplement to cure early ejaculation.

4. Talk with your partner regarding the situation and try to find out the best lovemaking act that can help you in getting the optimum pleasure. Do not feel shy in front of her. It is an activity you both need to make together.

Apart from all these you can also use Lawax capsules. These are the ultimate remedy to cure early ejaculation during sex. These have the best herbs taken from the ancient times. These herbs will help you in getting your sexual traits and will make you the keen lover on bed. You can add Vital M-40 capsules to this in order to get more positive outcomes in terms of elevated energy and stamina.

Kindly visit the link for more details: http://www.libidoenhancerpills.com/herbal-male-sex-stamina-booster-pills.htm

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