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How To Get Back The Firmness In Vagina That Has Loosened After Childbirth?

After giving birth to child I am not able to get the firmness in my genital passage. Is that actually possible to get back the firmness in vagina?

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1 Answer

After giving birth to child, women of young age in her post-natal (6 weeks after child birth) period often get back her non-pregnancy stage. This means her stomach becomes firm, her hormones get back to normal, and her vagina again tends to tighten. But the latter may or may not happen for women falling under any age group. This decreases the desire of her and her partner in getting involved in sexual activities. But we have the solution to get your bridal moments back even after child birth.

Vg-3 tablets help get back the firmness in vagina that occurred due to whatsoever reason. Regular intake of these pills makes the person younger and she feels as a virgin all the time. These supplements also provide sufficient energy so that the person and her partner can sustain for longer hours in bed. Vg-3 tablets also provide proper lubrication and stimulation to the genital passage. These tablets also eliminate the unpleasant odor at genitals due to excessive white discharge.

Two major ingredients used in this tablet are Argilla Vitriolutum and Quercus Infectoria. Argilla Vitriolutum deals with sloppy genitals and gets back vagina firmness. It also elevates the sensation of the genital walls quite efficiently. Quercus Infectoria too helps get back vagina firmness and improves the overall health of genitals. These boost the self esteem of the individual. The person never faces any kind of side effects even if used for prolonged period of time, that too along with some other medications.

One Vg-3 tablet has to be inserted inside the birth canal just before sleeping. It starts working right after the insertion by getting partly dissolved inside. Wash that area after 2 hrs or after when you wake up. Urinating does eliminate the left residue which is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about.

The following link shows more details regarding the product: http://www.libidoenhancerpills.com/vaginal-rejuvenation-pills.htm

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