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How To Tighten Loose Vagina Of My Wife?

My wife’s genital passage is loose. She didn’t experience the childbirth yet. But still her genitals are loose. Is this because we practice intercourse very often or some serious issues are there? How can I tighten loose vagina of my wife?

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1 Answer

It’s completely a myth that multiple sessions of intercourse loosen the woman’s genital passage. The only way in which the genitals can lose its grip is childbirth. Other factors cover this thing may be due to her growing age or menopause or frequent use of tampons. The women’s genitals are the most sensitive and precious part of their body. These are mainly made for the lovemaking so it can’t be the reason for their loosening. The decrease in the tightness of the genital passage can also be felt because of the extra lubrication while being aroused till the intercourse but gets back to its original shape after that on its own. Yes, may be your wife is highly aroused before she can serve your organ. The vaginal discharge or the lubricating substance can make her vagina to open up and slightly swollen. This can be the reason you are feeling that your wife’s vagina is loose. But there is an obvious sign of loose genitals. If insertion of three fingers inside her vagina is pretty easy, even while not in aroused state then she might be having fragile genital region.

If you find this sign then you may go for Vg-3 tablets for your wife. These tablets are specially prepared to tighten loose vagina in an efficient manner. These can actually tighten loose vagina to award the pleasure during lovemaking. Not only this, it will decrease the excessive lubrication of the genitals so that you can feel the friction on your organ while penetrations. At last, you both need to understand that it’s the most delicate part and should be treated with the utmost care to avoid any unnecessary infections.

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